Is this the worst kitchen install ever?

13. úno 2015130

Hi all,

I want to know if anyone here can beat the sheer incompetence of the two "professionals" who recently installed our kitchen. See attached photos 😮

Anyway, I would like to know if anyone could recommend a fitter / carpenter around the Brno area who would be willing to help rebuild this kitchen?


  • 😕

  • That's exactly how my face looked

  • @lw78  Oh hurts my eyes! Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Brno area... Isn't there any chance of reclamation?

  • Sponzor fóra
  • Ježiš... 😮 😬

  • Thanks for the reply.

    It certainly hurt my eyes... and my wallet.

    i asked for a refund, but the answer was "the kitchen is 100% perfect, we have your money and there is nothing you can do". Subsequent calls are ignored.

  • More photos for your amusement.

    I dismantled the cabinets which go over the fridge, as they need to be completely rebuilt.

    My favourite photo is the cupboard door hinges, which are not even nearly straight. They were drinking too much Slivovice maybe?

    Screw holes clearly not straight, sink cabinets not even screwed in with a 4cm gap at the end.

    There is more... much more.

  • Well... How you would like to repair e.g. already drilled holes? You would need to change the whole parts of kitchen.
    Payment should be done after kitchen installation and not before. In this case you can try to treat by lawyer to gentlemen who installed kitchen.

  • @lw78   Shocking!!
    I wouldnt let them go so easily..
    dont know about anyone who can help to rebuild, but if you need a hand to write o complain in czech - Im happy to help! this photos are talking for them self 🙂
    by the way - what company are we talking about?

  • OMG! Who were these "professionals"?

  • It¨s only one way - reclamation.

  • Two rums to room two

  • It is a disaster, I cannot believe my own eyes.
    There has been always the best way to pay a deposit before the job has started and a final invoice when the job has done. You should not have had to pay for something like this until they make it right.

    I am afraid your position is now a bit wobbly. You can, however, still turn it to your benefits.
    I would start "acclaiming" them, spreading information on what they have done and how. You have begun here on Modrastrecha website already which is good. Share the name of the company.
    Secondly you should have an independent valuation/assesment of the kitchen in this state including expecting costs to rebuild and provide all these to the court (make a court claim) asking for a refund. We call it "Občansko-právní spor". You may contact the builders, like make a last call, before sending the paperwork to the court. They are supposed to be warned, it is a legal requirement. And keep all proofs of postage.
    Good luck.

  • Oh my, this is really shocking! You shouldn't let them go that easily.

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